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Project Paperwork

Note: we have 3-4 graded activities PER CLASS PERIOD. Reader response (10 points), Quiz (10-20 points), Peer Planner Check (10 points), and one (or more) chapter-specific assignment. You also have weekly Planner and Portfolios due.

Course at a Glance

Homework: Due next class meeting*
You will receive a handout for Portfolios in class/online
Mtg 1

Quick start to college
Chapter 1
Planner: Record classes, assignments, test dates, etc for all of your classes. Write down appointments and commitments. You will do this every week. Peer reviewed, not submitted.
Paragraph 1:Write a one-paragraph reflection:
What are your biggest fears about college?
Portfolio 1: Setting Career Goals

Assess Yourself as an Analytical Thinker (page 12)
· Assess Yourself as an Creative Thinker (page 18)
· Assess Yourself as an Practical Thinker (page 24)
Mtg 2

Chapter 2
Knowing learning styles

Time tracker
Paragraph 2: Record times you pay yourself a compliment or give yourself a positive evaluation. Write a one-paragraph reflection on how paying yourself compliments may help you strengthen your self-confidence and motivate you in school and in your career.
Portfolio 2- Plans for Success: Career Goals

Mtg 3

Chapter 3 Making the Most of Your Abilities
Paragraph 3: Identify times when you procrastinated on an activity. Write a paragraph reflecting on how this can help you to monitor your priorities, evaluate your academic and career goals, and improve personal performance.
Portfolio 3- Self-Portrait Think Link

Mtg 4

Chapter 8
Managing time

Paragraph 4: Research and create a list of questions you would like to ask a person working in a job you wish to have in the future. Think about benefits (healthcare, vacations), job duties, what is the most difficult part of the job, etc.
Portfolio 4- Generating Ideas for Internships

Mtg 5
Chapter 6 Listening, Note Taking, and Memory
Paragraph 6: Note times when you stopped listening or “tuned out” and describe what you experienced at these moments. Write a paragraph reflecting on how distractions in and out of the classroom might cause your difficulty concentrating and interfere with effective listening. What techniques might you use to deal with distractions and become a stronger and more active listener?
Portfolio 6- Learning more about career success (

Mtg 6
Chapter 7Test Taking
Chapter 8 Research and Writing
Paragraph 7: Record two times when you used stress-reducing strategies, especially times related to test anxiety. Provide details and specifics. Write a paragraph reflecting on how employing stress-reducing strategies may help you perform better in school and on the job.
Portfolio 7- On-the-Job Testing
Portfolio 8- A Job Interview Cover Letter
Mtg 7

Mtg 8

Chapter 9 Building Successful Relations
Paragraph 8: Record how much time you spend on the Internet for school-related activities and non-school related activities. How much time do you spend on each? Write a paragraph reflecting on how a time-log helps you analyze and prioritize the amount of time you spend on important versus non-important activities. Also, how do online school-related activities improve literacy skills and advance your professional development?
Portfolio 9- Compiling a Resume (pg 306)

can use resume.\
Also use to get good job descriptions.
Sample Resumes

Best source for job descriptions:
Mtg 9

Chapter 10, 11 Wellness managing money

Paragraph 9: No Paragraph
Portfolio 10- Wellness at Work (pg 340)
Portfolio 11- Be Specific About Your Job Needs (pg 377)

Mtg 10

Chapter 12 Creating Your Life
Paragraph 10: No paragraph this week!

Mtg 11
Class 11 is dedicated to our final presentations. See below for information about the final.


Exams 40%
Projects and Assignments 50%
Participation 10%

A grade of 89.50% percent or higher earns an A grade; 79.50% to 89.49% percent earns a B grade; 69.50% to 79.49% percent earns a C grade; 59.50% to 69.49% percent earns a D grade. A minimum grade of C is required in major courses or courses that are prerequisites for advanced courses.

Portfolio: Prepare a Career Plan

Assignment Description
  • The Personal Portfolio project gives you practical experience building a portfolio. This is a tool that can help you identify your personal strengths, set realistic career goals, develop a , and engage in other activities that will support your personal and professional success.

  • This project consists of twelve written activities that you will complete throughout the quarter. Your instructor will review these along the way and will then assess them as a whole at the end of the course. Your instructor will share the rubric that will be used to assess the project.

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